Maximize your research potential with the services offered by the Smart Learning Factory – Skopje; experiment with the equipment and network with the relevant people.


Industrial engineering and management, in short, tends to optimize processes. Regardless of the type of processes! Therefore, research and experimentation are its indispensable parts. From there, SLFS directs a significant part of its current and future activities in that direction. At the same time, it must be emphasized that there are 3 directions in which R&D is nurtured:


Digital transformation is also associated with the acquisition of new equipment, and more importantly, equipment that probably has not been used in the company before. In other words, it is equipment with which employees have no practical experience. In such conditions, choosing the right variant becomes a serious challenge, especially when the purchase of that equipment is associated with significant investments. It is not uncommon for suboptimal equipment to be purchased or even equipment that does not correspond to the given working conditions at all.

In such situations, practical work can be of great help, specifically experimenting with different variants of the new type of equipment. This is precisely what SLFS offers!

For example, if you want to ensure traceability in production, there are several solutions available to you. If you have no experience with operating them, you can gain practical experience with some of those solutions and experiment with them in this lab before making the final decision. SLFS will support your research process with small-scale production equipment and space, and expertise in Industrial Engineering and Management fields.


One of the significant segments through which SLFS should realize its scientific research mission is precisely master’s and doctoral theses. Such work will be carried out not only in the studies for which the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management is responsible (master’s studies in the direction of industrial engineering and management and Lean management, as well as doctoral studies in the direction of industrial engineering and management), but also in all other directions of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and in general at the “St. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje, who need such equipment in their research.


The equipment available to SFLS makes it very potent for inclusion in various European networks for laboratories of a similar type. Therefore, SLFS is attractive as a partner for various scientific research projects in the areas it covers (industrial engineering and management, including Lean4.0). Proof of that is the several projects in which SLFS has already been a respectable partner. We should not overlook the fact that many calls for such projects foresee the participation not only of scientific research organizations, but also of companies from the real sector, in the direction of practical application of the obtained results. From there, such projects can be interesting for Macedonian companies as well.