Latest bachelor thesis in SLFS

In the past few months, two significant bachelor theses were defended in the Smart Learning Factory – Skopje.

By Filip Arsov

In recent years, advancements in production and management systems have transformed various industries, notably the automotive sector, which faces significant challenges due to globalization, digitization, and heightened market competition. The traditional notion that organizational size guarantees success is no longer valid. Survival and success now hinge on a company’s ability to innovate and create value. Lean methodology has emerged as a powerful tool, showcasing how systematic approaches with minimal investments can greatly enhance production processes by eliminating waste. This thesis delves into Just-in-Time (JIT) and Kanban methodologies, essential pillars of Lean, which drive organizational goals by visualizing processes, ensuring a continuous flow of materials and value, reducing delivery times, improving quality, and cutting costs. These methodologies ultimately foster customer satisfaction and business success. Drawing on practical training in the automotive industry, this work presents a concept for implementing a Kanban material delivery system in the Smart Learning Factory Skopje.

Video of the entire method is shown below.

By Teodora Tanchevska

This thesis focuses on implementing standard work, a core component of Lean philosophy, within a semiautomated production line in the Smart Learning Factory. After defining standard work documents and integrating them into the production line, a digital system was developed to measure performance. This system aims to monitor deviations from target values using selected indicators related to standard work, facilitating the early detection of abnormalities in the work process. By establishing target values for each indicator, the system provides a clear direction for operations. The thesis emphasizes the benefits of performance measurement systems, particularly their visualizations and dashboards, which offer quick insights into process performance without extensive data analysis. Target values are set at the beginning of specific time periods to facilitate continuous improvement. Ultimately, the performance measurement system aligns with Lean philosophy by promoting continuous improvement through standard work.

Created dashboards in the thesis are shown below.






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