The first Bachelor thesis in SLFS

Mihaela Zlateska presented her Bachelor thesis on the topic of “A digital Lean performance measurement system in the laboratory at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering” and this marks it as first of this kind of a research at the Smart Learning Factory – Skopje.

From the abstract:

“This graduation thesis will cover the creation of a digital performance measurement system, which will be in the function of the laboratory at the Faculty of mechanical engineering -Skopje.
The key elements that will be monitored by the performance measurement system are safety, efficiency and Kaizen. The defining of these key elements is based on the analysis of the House of Lean, the “SQCDP” visual boards and the needs of the laboratory.
In addition, a user interface was created for the performance measurement system using the Power Apps platform, which is used as a link between production data and the database.
To increase the effect of the performance measurement system, a visual management dashboards is created using the Power BI platform, where the performance measurement indicators of the selected key elements, which were previously extracted, analyzed and processed from the database will be presented.
This performance measurement system aims to assist in decision-making, by reflecting the real situation in the laboratory, which will result in an increase in efficiency, productivity, production quality and profitability.”

We are happy to announce that this dashboard will be an integrated part of the future state of the Smart Learning Factory – Skopje.

We encourage other students to do a research and apply their knowledge at our premises.

The presentation with the concept (on Macedonian), can be seen on the following link.

Best wishes to Mihaela and hope to collaborate with her on future projects.



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